This website helps anyone who wants to find out if one can safely drink tap water in a certain place.
People often research this topic on Google and get results of varying quality, anything from opinion-based blog posts to forums, while more reliable sources are often deeply buried on the web and therefore inaccessible.

Because of this hard-to-reach information and because of shady marketing strategies from bottling companies (see Fear, uncertainty, and doubt), many people decide to "play safe" and buy bottled water, even though they often could drink safe and inexpensive tap water, possibly by purchasing an inexpensive water filter.

We saw a sharp global increase in bottled water consumption since plastic got widely available even though the content of bottled water is not even worth a tenth for what it's sold. I think in many places on this planet, drinking pure or filtered tap water is a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and much more economical choice for consumers.

We collect data from distinct sources on the web. Each of them linked on the respective page.
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My name is Sascha Mayr. I traveled over 30 countries and saw first-hand rising mountains of plastic water bottles. I made this product because I want to raise awareness about the bottled water scam.

I also work on another health-related website. If you are interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy checkout my other project Theta Health.

Why I did it

Growing up in the Alps mountains, I took clean drinking water for granted. My hometown is rich in groundwater of excellent quality, better than bottled water.
So whenever I got thirsty as a child I just opened the tap and drank straight from it without thinking twice.

When I started traveling, I was doubting the tap water quality in many places.

Often without research, I defaulted to buy bottled water ("better safe than sorry"), and over time I developed a bad conscience over that, as I noticed how much plastic I was throwing away every day just because of my water consumption.

I started researching and quickly noticed how information about drinking water safety is scattered across blog posts and forums, with those websites being on top of the search results, while more reliable sources are deeply buried on the web.


We created this website for informative purposes only. We take no responsibility in any way shape or form for any of the information found on this site, or for any sites that this site links to.

If you find the information to be wrong and you find the real data or a better data source, then please let us know the current situation so we can pass it on to other people.

If you want to contact us, feel free to do that through the chat box below, we accept any kind of request.