Tap water safety in Virgin Islands of the United States 🇻🇮

👍 In general, the water may be safe to drink in Virgin Islands of the United States.

Lonely Planet

Tap water is generally safe to drink in towns and at most hotels and restaurants, though it's always wise to ask first. For villa rentals, check with the management company regarding the filtration system.

Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC)

According to the CDC tap water is generally safe for consumption.


According to the Numbeo water drinkability and accessibility index, tap water has a score of 87.5 / 100 (100 being best).

Numbeo considers this score to be "Very high"


Even though drinking water might be considered safe, if you plan to travel to Virgin Islands of the United States, consider talking to your local contact to verify that. Old pipes could be leaking toxic material or water in that specific location could contain heavy metals or bacteria.

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Like in most countries, water quality and accessibility differs from location to location, therefore it's the best to check the information available on that place.